Grow a Row

February 28, 2023

Grow a Row

Calling all green thumbs!

Fresh produce is one of the most requested items here at the food bank! Help us put locally grown goodies on the tables of our neighbors by growing a row for Missoula Food Bank & Community Center. Together we can nurture food security right from the soil!

1) Let us know you’re planning on dedicating some growing space for MFB&CC donation.

2) Get growing! Whether you have a whole plot or few potted plants- fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs are amongst the most requested items in our Store.

3) When harvest season comes, bring by the fruits of your labor to share with your neighbor!

A) Harvest

If it’s ready to eat, in any amount, we would love to distribute it to our neighbors. Bring it by unwashed in bulk or washed and in individual bags (or somewhere in between) - whatever works for you. We encourage our customers to wash all the produce they receive from us.

B) Bring it by the Food Bank

Our donation door is located at the back alleyway off of Catlin St. You can enter our building through the door on your left.

C) Weigh

Use the scale set into the floor directly to the left of the door to weigh out your donations. Mark it down on the Grow a Row Specific- donation sheet so we can track nonperishables coming in from just this program! This sheet is located directly across from the scale by 2 other tracking sheets. If you have any questions or need help weighing out the first time, flag down any staff member or let me know you’re coming ahead of time & I’ll meet you there to ease the process!

D) Pat yourself on the back

It’s an amazing thing you’re doing! Sharing the bounty from your hard work with the community around you makes Missoula a better place to live.

Garden Stake

Thank you for Growing a Row for Missoula Food Bank & community Center! Your time, effort, & knowledge makes Missoula more food secure!