Community Service

We respect and treat every person with dignity, empathy and equity.

Guidelines for Community Service:

  1. We welcome volunteer applicants over the age of 18 for court-mandated, school required or other types of community service.
  2. Charges related to an act of violence or sexual misconduct are prohibited.
  3. Every shift must be scheduled in advance. We are unable to accomodate walk-ins.
  4. You must have more than 10 business days to complete your service.
  5. You can’t miss more than 2 scheduled shifts.
  6. Please be prepared with hours verification paperwork & contact information, if required for your service.

To apply, please fill out the form below

Verification of Hours

Please provide the contact information for the person who will need final verification of your completed hours (community service coordinator, parole officer, payee, lawyer, judge, court, etc.)

Will we need to submit a letter on your behalf or will you come with your own verification form?