Strategic Plan

We advocate for solutions to hunger.

Missoula Food Bank & Community Center have set in motion a three year strategic plan addressing our 4 North Stars.

With participation from all members of MFB&CC's Staff and Board, we have identified four North Stars as the foundation of our Strategic Plan. It is our aim to pursue these far-reaching goals to make sustained change through operations and advocacy.

North Star 1

Being a model Employer

As defined by the team at MFB&CC, a model employer is one which honestly communicates and is creative in its approach to employee support:

Where employees feel trusted, valued, supported, and cared for;

Where work-life balance is honored in a way that supports employee well-being and ability to fully participate in community at work and outside work;

That invests in the growth and retention of employees and recognizes employee contributions;

that values and supports a workforce with diverse lived experiences;

That recognizes the organization's role in power structures.

North Star 2

Ending Childhood Hunger in Missoula County

Stigma-free access to healthy school meals for all kids is key. This three-year campaign aims to reduce barriers and make free access to the best school meal available to as many children as possible. Our Kids Table, Kids EmPower Pack, & EmPower Place programs are in place filling in the gaps.

North Star 3

Ending Food Insecurity of Aging Adults in Missoula County

Through resource connection and social support for those aging in our community, we work alongside our older neighbors to connect them with important nutrition & other stabilizing resources, including friendly social support as they age. Our ROOTS & Fresh Food Box programs are already in operation nourishing our neighbors.

North Star 4

Disrupting Power Structures

In the gathering of the Anti-Racism Task Force and Advocacy & Education Board Committee, MFB&CC works to identify our role and areas of influence in power structures. We are making changes at the policy and practice level to create a more equitable world for all people in Missoula County. Our dedication to Safety Net Program Application Assistance operationalizes this goal.

Facts On
Food Insecurity

1 in 8 families in America are hungry

That’s 12.3% of all U.S. households, including what economists call the working poor, who earn about $25,000 a year for a family of four. Out of that estimated $2,017 a month, families need to pay for housing, utilities, child care, transportation, health care and groceries.