Asking for help is something that can be difficult to do, but getting food at our Food Bank store is free, simple, and confidential. By following the three easy steps below you will be on your way with a shopping cart full of nutritious, nourishing food.



Asking for help can be difficult to do.

Here at Missoula Food Bank & Community Center, we want you to feel welcome. When you arrive at the store, we will ask four simple questions that will be used for statistical purposes. We will ask for your name, the number of people in your household, if there are any kids under 18 years old or seniors over 60 in your household and if your income has been impacted by COVID-19. Your personal information will remain confidential.



We are here to help.

Once we have gathered your information, a staff member or trained volunteer will spend a moment with you to explain how our pre-packed, grab-and-go shopping cart works and share information about other resources that may be available to you.


Pick Up & Go!

You're on your way to nourishing food.

Based on the number of people in your household, we will have a pre-packed shopping cart full of perishable and non-perishable food ready and waiting for you to roll right out the door. If there are any items you do not need, they can be placed in a returns cart just outside the main entrance.

*If you have special dietary or cooking restrictions, please let us know.

Our services are intended to provide a 3 day emergency supply of food, and meant to supplement other food sources.

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, we are no longer limiting the number of times you can visit for emergency food services.

Find Our Store

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